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Systematic Problem Solving and Decision Making

Systematic_Cover_newCommon-sense, everyday business tools that are not necessarily commonly used, but do make a difference!

Issues which managers face everyday are all part of a bigger system, no one issue exists in isolation.

Critical Thinking Skills consist of five distinct thinking technologies which enables managers to address any or all issues in the context of a wider system that they operate in by optimizing the combined benefits of their knowledge, experience and intuition in decision making.

Proficiency in critical thinking skills is the most enduring source of competitive advantage in becoming a world-class organization.

The consistent application of these critical thinking technologies will ensure quality in decision making and problem solving throughout an organization.

It will enable lower levels to ensure quality in recommendations made to upper levels, while upper levels will be primed to ensure adequate review of decisions made at lower levels.

Project Management

ProjectManagement_cover_newThe program utilizes the critical thinking techniques to enhance the quality of project management resolution, whether that is ability to initiate a project, conceptualize a project, delivery an end results or meeting project deadline at reasonable cost. Whatever your needs are, critical thinking is a key component to the success of project management as we firmly believed that “Clear and thorough thinking precedes effective project or action plan”

The program is developed by a team of ACI professionals who have extensive and combined of over thirty years of experiences in delivering such program as well as hand-on experience in real project implementation environment.

The program consists of not only proven and well structured, easy to follow step-by-step process that are practical to today’s fast moving and end results oriented projects, but also ways to conceptualize and capture the business opportunities and turn them into result oriented projects.


Performance Management

OutLine_Performance_newManaging people’s performance is an art and yet scientific understanding of human behavior is also required to be successful. This particular Performance Management workshop is designed based on this very philosophy; that is it will present the latter part as knowledge; while providing an opportunity to practice as the former part.

The scientific understanding of human behavior can be categorized into two distinct area, Behaviorism and Psychology. The former stresses the greater importance of external factors influencing human behavior, while the latter stresses the much profound importance of internal factors.

It is undeniable that, essentially, both have a tremendous impact on our behavior. Consequently, these two schools of thoughts will be presented during the workshop as foundation for discussion and practice which fulfill the artistic part of the holistic approach to Human Performance.


Effective Team Management


Success. ACI Consultants has examined why some organizations were successful and some were not.

What we have found was organizations that were successful, had prepared their employees well on how to work as a team.

The program is designed with the aim to help organizations to increase their chance of success when implementing team approach.

Innovative Thinking

InnovativeThinking_newInnovative thinking is a comprehensive way of thinking that encompasses two difference types of thinking, creative, or lateral thinking, and systematic thinking. Systematic thinking is required to assess and analyze the encountered situation to pinpoint the concerns that need to be addressed. With clear concern identified, creative thinking comes to play, helping generate wide range of “Outside the Box” approaches. With too many approaches, very few need to be selected rationally.

Such logical selection process is called Decision Analysis. It is natural that each approach would inherit some risks. It is therefore essential to think beyond each approach; to address those risks and how to maximize the benefits. Only such comprehensive thought would deserve to be implemented.


Systemic Thinking

SystemicThinking_newSystemic Thinking is a workshop to enhance thinking process of executives and staff alike.  It is the thinking process that helps maximize utilization of available information both internal and from outside organization.  Systemic Thinking is a unique way of thinking that combines analytical thinking, synthesis thinking and creative thinking to generate new ideas, new procedures or new solutions.


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