Take a Team of Experts

Expert team member

How to Take a Team of Experts and Make Them an Expert Team. Building a strong and efficient team is no longer a nice-to-do thing, it is a necessity. But, having a team of experts is not the same as having an expert team. Those are different skill sets.

อ.อุดม สว่างจิต

Chairman Emeritus

ดร.สุเนตร มีนสุข


• Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy
Program in Development
Administration, Suan
Sunandha Rajabhat University

• MBA, Chulalongkorn

• B.Sc. in Computer and
Statistics, Kasetsart University

นันทศักดิ์ อินทรศร

General Manager

• Master of Applied Statistics –
Information System and Management National Institute of Development Administration

ธีร์ มีนสุข

Vice President Business Development

ดวงฤทัย ฮูเซ้น

Vice President Business Development

Expert team member

Founded by a group of consultants with combined experiences of over thirty years in consulting businesses.

Expert programs

Programs are developed by ACI professionals who have extensive experiences in facilitating real life client situation.