Training Services

Systemic Thinking

Systemic Thinking is a workshop to enhance thinking process of executives and staff alike.  It is the thinking process that helps maximize utilization of available information both internal and from outside organization.  Systemic Thinking is a unique way of thinking that combines analytical thinking, synthesis thinking and creative thinking to generate new ideas, new procedures or new solutions.



Understand Your Organization by way of asking essential questions to gather basic information of your own organization, understanding relationship between the gathered information and the way organization operates. This should enhance the overall view of the organization in any given time.


- Learn how to analyze information
- Learn how to synthesize information
- Learn how to apply information to increase benefits
- Learn how to create new ideas from existing information
- Increase efficiency of analytical, synthesizing and creative thinking


Administrators, supervisors, employees and general people to develop analytical and synthesis thinking skill.

Information Analysis

It is the process of clarifying the information into much smaller pieces, seeking relationship among the information including the intension of the message, any hidden meaning, and any positive or negative implication.


Ideas Formation

It is the thinking process to synthesize analyzed information to generate new ideas, apply the information for greater benefits, and generate new ideas from existing information.

Ideas Auditing
To name benefits to the organization of the newly formed ideas, its potential impacts and those affected by the implementation of the ideas.

Learning Process

This seminar is designed for adult learning pattern. It emphasizes on real cases workshop. The participants will learn through the use of real case study and apply that to their real life situation. The session will be conducted by experienced professional of ACI.