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Systematic Problem Solving and Decision Making




The curriculum has been proven that it can be used to benefit the economy. It can be used to solve problems and make decisions as a team. Deal with problems that may arise in the future and deal with the situation is complicated. This course consists of rational thought processes and systematically.


Who Seminar participants will learn from the case study analysis that has been proven already by asking the system to obtain the information necessary to analyze problems and make decisions.

- Collect the data needed to determine the cause of the problem in a short time.

- Do not assume the cause of the problem.

- Learn how to prevent and handle problems that may arise.

- Learn to deal with crisis situations rationally.

- Strong problem solving and decision making as a team.

- Use as a guide to present an alternative to the management decision.

- Learn the processes used to manage the risk.

- Learn to identify and prioritize the important activities.


Administrators, supervisors, employees and general people’s get to the concept. And tools for setting up Both in work and everyday life.



Situation Assessment
Situation Assessment provides the context to elicit issues confronting an organization and determines which merit further critical analysis. It is a mean to ensure quality and commitment in addressing a situation of concern.

Problem Analysis
Problem Analysis is a process that finds the true cause of a problem so that the best corrective actions can be implemented to eliminate the problem. It ensures that no valuable time and money is wasted in resolving a problem.

Decision Analysis
Decision Analysis is a methodology for selecting the best course of action to accomplish specific end results. It ensures adequate consideration is given to all the things affected by a decision and finds the best balance between the many facets of benefits and risks.

Potential Problem Analysis & Potential Opportunity Analysis
Potential Problem Analysis and Potential Opportunity Analysis are future oriented processes which anticipate problems and opportunities. The processes ensure maximum effectiveness in the implementation of plans and actions.