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Project Management



This course provides both the technical and project management skills, people management and project team. By focusing on thinking skills necessary to achieve project goals smoothly. Using manpower, time and money are well worth it. It also provides the management tools needed to plan a project. And conducting analysis and planning

- Learn how to set goals and measure the success of the project.
- Determine and allocate the necessary resources to projects more efficiently.
- Allocate and assign responsibility to the team as well. And effectiveness
- Learn to manage your time to maximize the opportunity to accomplish a given time.
- Administration and management of risks that may be incurred by the project.
- Learn skills to manage team members.
- Learn skills to enhance the program of work.

Executive Project Sponsor project Manager The project work As well as those involved with this project.



Definition Phase
The initial phase of the project, which includes specifying the purpose and scope of the project. The project objectives efficiently and effectively. To determine the details of the plan (Work Breakdown Structure) to cover the details of the necessary resources to carry out the project.

Planning Phase
The term includes the duties and responsibilities of the project is clear. The sequence of tasks (Project Sequencing) using CPM – Critical Path Method to help manage time and Methods in to help manage the limited resources for maximum benefit. Finally, the Analysis of the issues that may arise. To reduce the risk that might arise with the project.

Implementation Plan (Implementation Phase)
The final phase of the project, which required the preparation of the job to be his matches. Whether the goal And how to take action to reach goals. Including how to track the progress of the project and how the management plans face obstacles that may arise. Finally,  a summary and evaluation methods. Used as the baseline for the project to other.

People Skill
The members of the team to work more efficiently. Another factor is the main factor to keep members motivated to work with dedication furthermore, the behavior of the head of the appropriate circumstances, it will help with their members more effectively and get the most out of it.