Training Services

Effective Team Management




Designed to prepare and train participants to understand and know how to work effectively as a team. This will increase the likelihood that the organization will succeed. For personnel working as a team.


- Helping to realize the principle of rationality in team building.

- Improve the effectiveness of communication among the team.

- Added the ability to obtain a commitment from team members.

- Learn various ways to deal with difficult situations in the team.

- Aware of how to elect members in accordance with the circumstances available to everyone alike. This will increase the effectiveness of working together as a team.

- Allow leaders to delegate to team members effectively act and responsibilities are clearly It allows members of the team as a whole can work not inspected imagination and creativity and make decisions rationally.


Administrators, supervisors, team leaders and team members. Slide Content goes here.



Situation Involvement

The process used for the selection of spirits involved to deal with the situation and show that each person should be involved, however. To increase the chances that will be dedicated to the job. It also helps to distinguish between the various personalities and leaders should be applied to any character under any circumstances.

Team Development

The steps The resulting teamwork. Consider these steps carefully. It helps to understand what are the factors that make a team successful. What are the barriers to teamwork and how to overcome those obstacles.

Team Norm

NORM team is a major one. That can be used in the work is controversial. Understanding Norm different from the rules Will help to realize the true benefits of the hazards of working in a team.

Conflict Management

Start with understanding Aqua conflict that caused what and study various ways of dealing with conflict. Advantages and precautions for each method. This includes a systematic way. That could lead to a situation where both parties get what they want (Win-Win Situation) and should be used in any deal with any situation.

Listening skills

To study and realize the benefits of listening. As well as techniques that can be used to empower the listener.

Meeting Management Techniques

Understanding of the principles of effective meeting management. How to Prepare And conventions in order to get maximum benefits.


Brainstorming is a useful approach to teamwork. It also will increase the chance that the team members are dedicated to the team. Also as a catalyst of creativity.