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Strategy Formulation & Implementation

strategyMost successful organizations have clear strategies, of which both management and staff have a common understanding of the goals and direction of the enterprise.

Clear strategies act as the fundamental guidelines for the successful implementation of policies, work processes, organization structure and human resources management.

They will also act as the criteria for the selection of which projects will move the organization toward its goals, resulting in the optimization of the organization’s resources.

A successful strategy consists of two major components – Powerful Strategy and Effective Strategy implementation. We are ready to work with our clients to achieve both.

Our technology, Strategy Formulation, will help achieve the appropriate powerful strategy while our other tools of Critical Thinking skills, Project Management, Performance Management, and Effective Team Management will ensure Effective Strategy Implementation.

Business Process Redesign

This consulting intervention takes a look at client key business processes from a third party point of view. The intervention usually arises from the need to address issues relating to the leadtime, quality and efficiency of the existing processes.

The intervention typically begins with interview with process owners about their concerns and objectives and in particular the desired outcomes, so as to lay down the groundwork for the process redesign.

Once completed, an AS-IS map of the existing process is thoroughly mapped by data collections through observation and questioning parties concerned in the entire process. The result of this usually helps not only consultants but all process owners to discover the actual processes and enables them to discover for themselves if there is any discrepancy.

Deviations, discrepancies found at this stages will aid the working teams led by ACI consultants to focus on area which requires redesign. A typical intervention usually achieve the following benefits :

• Reduce Unnecessary Complexities
• Minimize Non Valued Added Activities
• Identify and Remove Process Deviation or Discrepancies
• Minimize People Conflicts
• Enhance Team Collaboration

Competency Assessment

CompetencyAssessment-_newOur Competency Assessment is a tool designed to assess an individual’s relevant skills, and one skill in particular, the skill to think critically.

The skill will aid an organization to manage and develop its human resources more effectively by helping to identify the gap between existing and required skills.

Hence, staff selection and placement, training and job assignment can be done in a way that fully actualizes the potential of the workforce.

Development can be carried out more effectively by firstly assessing the current skills of the workforce. Training, monitoring and coaching are then implemented to provide the required skills that may be lacking.

Retention of staff will only be effective when an organization has an effective performance system, well thought-out compensation plans, clear performance system and a positively received reward system.

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