Critical Thinking Skills

ACI consultants have collectively delivered over more than thirty years of Critical Thinking Skills workshop to business leaders, managers for public as well as private enterprises. For all these years we have constantly been reminded that not only the working adults can benefit from these skills, but our younger generations, who also need to think critically and logically.

We at ACI Consultants always believe that our younger generations could benefit from the course that teaches them “how to think systematically”. Not only the new generations can immediately benefit from such program, but also it also help shaping their thought processes, which could have long lasting impact upon them.

However, our will to transfer these to our next generations would not be possible without the support of our project sponsor, The Stock Exchange of Thailand, who shares the same value of educating our Thai Youths. “Critical Thinking Skills” has been added among many other programs to educate the Thai youth by Thailand Securities Institute (TSI) of The Stock Exchange of Thailand with the collaboration of ACI Consultants team.

  1. The Prince Royal’s College with the support from The Stock Exchange of Thailand started ACI’s Critical Thinking Skill for Youth Program in 2006 and continuously train their students since then. Assessment indicates that students learn how to think systematically and their thinking process have improved.Krungthepturakij, January 15, 2010 page 14bsr1
  2. Critical Thinking Skills Training at The Prince Royal’s College, 8 – 10 November 2006bsr2
  3. ACI and Khun Jiraporn Koosuwan,TSI Director meet with The Prince Royal’s College management team and Critical Thinking Skills Trainers on 21 July 2008.
  4. Special Systematic Problem Solving and Decision Making Workshop for Sufficiency Economy Scholarship Winners, Pid Thong Lang Phra Foundation during 10 – 12 October 2011 at Ammari Atrium Hotelbsr4bsr5
  5. Ajarn Udom Swangjit receives an honorary trophy from Khun Srivika Mekthawatchaikul, advisor of Office of Vocational Education Commission for ACI’s support for training Critical Thinking Skills to Vocational Students at Rim Kob Fah Camp, Samut Prakarn on 3 August 2013bsr6
  6. Critical Thinking Skill Trainer Refreshment Program at Town in Town Hotel 17 July 2014bsr7
  7. Decision Analysis and Potential Problem Analysis Workshop for Vocational Business Incubation Center Teachers at Bureau of Personnel Competency Development 13 June 2014bsr8
  8. Critical Thinking Skills Train the Trainer at the Bureau of Personnel Competency Development 21 April – 3 May 2014
    bsr9 bsr10 bsr11

  9.  Systematic Problem Solving and Decision Making Workshop, Efficiency Development Program for Senior Executive Government Sector (Permanent Secretary, Director General and Provincial Governor) 13 – 15, 20 – 22, 23 – 25, 27-29 July 2012 at Office of Civil Servants Commission and 4 – 6 , 7 – 9 February 2013 at Anoma Swiss Hotelbsr12 bsr13 bsr14 bsr15 bsr16