Progressive credit card debt relief doesn’t provide any hours weekend.

Business Reputation

Your debt relief industry does not have a great reputation, plus in reality, there are numerous shady businesses which make dubious claims. If you take the time and energy to find out more about debt settlement options, you will quickly find that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) often stocks warnings about debt relief and credit fix frauds.

You should take the time to check individual firms for reviews, complaints, and government actions that may have been taken against them as you compare debt relief companies. For instance, you can examine for available situations with all the FTC. It’s also wise to search the buyer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) database for complaints.

Unfortuitously, Progressive Debt Relief does show one grievance in the CFPB grievance database through the last 36 months. Additionally it is well well worth noting that Progressive just isn’t rated or accredited because of the bbb, the Global Association of pro financial obligation Arbitrators (IAPDA), or even the AFCC.п»ї

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