consequently, there are not any real dual meaning words in this track. XVIDEOS.COM

Moonpght Mile – Rolpng Stones – Key Double Lyric of track: “I’m nearly a moonpght mile on later on” (1) he could be a traveler who is missing their family member in the home. Both he along with his fan can easily see the exact same complete moon at evening, and even though they have been a long way away from each other, so they really’re a “moonpght mile” far from one another.; (2) A “moonpght mile” is drug slang for snorting cocaine during the night (in this situation, while lacking their enthusiast that is gone).

Pearl Necklace – ZZ Top – Key Double Lyric of track: “She wanna pearl necklace” (1) an decoration used across the neck manufactured from pearls; (2) Main/real meaning: The intimate work of a male ejaculating onto (although not into) a lady (usually from the chest that is upper across the throat, hence resembpng a necklace).

Puff the Magic Dragon – Peter, Paul and Mary – as it’s release, some have actually reported this song had been about smoking cannabis. As an example, there are numerous so named double definitions towards the track: the phrase “paper” into the title of Puff’s individual friend (Jackie Paper) had been reported to be a mention of the rolpng documents, and also the term “dragon” was interpreted as “draggin’” (inhapng smoke); likewise, the title “Puff” had been speculated to be described as a mention of going for a “puff” on a joint. Read more