Our soldiers, our veterans, and our other Texans usually do not deserve become exploited within their period of need

For us, it is vital to think beyond the banners and parades and look at what we are doing as a community and a society to support our veterans as we commemorate Veteran’s Day and the great sacrifices our veterans have made.

A current Texas research discovered proof that payday and automobile name loan stores tend to cluster around veterans’ facilities in Texas. This is certainly a finding that is alarming since it illustrates a business that preys upon the monetary misfortune of y our veterans. ! Throughout history, governments have actually looked for to safeguard the indegent from exploitative rates of interest on customer loans. Nevertheless, in Texas the rates charged for payday and auto name loans have now been permitted to achieve levels that are exorbitant.

Within the Catholic faith tradition, as with many religions, we train that benefiting from people dealing with difficulty is a type of theft. Read more