There appears to be a stigma that is bizarre individuals – especially women – who voluntarily decide never to procreate.

3 responses to 23 awful statements made to childfree people

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. I asked my Twitter followers what forms of reactions they got and received some anticipated answers. The Huffington Post did the same (twice) and obviously had a much bigger p l. I want to consider these responses, curated by the HuffPo, and provide responses to these harsh claims that reinforce a unnecessary stigma.

( although the HuffPo article are directed at women, particularly, I really hope you don’t view this as me talking for or with respect to females. This really is related to all childfree people, in general, though ladies appear to have the harshest due to being nothing but baby-factories, in several people’s eyes.)

> right Here are my reactions.

1. ” just what a bad decision.”

According from what measure of “bad”? You something that is simply declaring doesn’t allow it to be so – nor is it “bad” simply because you disagree using the decision.

(If this person can give an argument that is reasonable justified and ethical – for why you ought to have young ones, do allow me to understand. I’ve not encountered a reason that is g d procreation – and very g d reasons not to ever.)

2. “Now that i’ve young ones, my entire life has true meaning!”

Therefore it had no meaning before you had kids? Read more