Just how to always check Land Titles into the Philippines and place Fake Ones in 30 Seconds

Despite all of the regulations put in place to fight scammers and con men into the Philippine real estate business, there are still plenty of instances being reported where naive victims fall for fake land titles. For example, just lately (March 22, 2015), Inquirer reported for a land scam syndicate which currently features a amount of victims who lost their cash by purchasing properties with fake games.

To avoid getting yourself into a similar problem, your first type of protection is really a quick and fast check associated with land title that is presented to you. There are very specific characteristics of authentic Philippine land titles. Then you know right away that you’re dealing with scammers if one or more of these are missing on the title that is presented to you.

Ms. Ruby Valdez https://datingmentor.org/jeevansathi-review/, one of the land registration examiners through the Land Registration Authority of the Philippines, shares you can check for in 30 seconds or less with us these items which.

Real Characteristics

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The papers employed for authentic land games into the Philippines are supplied by the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas. These documents are physically unique from all other types of documents that you could buy from stores. Here are the things you ought to search for

  1. The texture is similar to compared to a bank check
  2. It has a faint watermark that says “LRA“

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