Kavita and Rajan – Wedding in Ocho Rios, Jamaica at Moon Palace Jamaica

Oh merely to keep in mind exactly how stunning Jamaican sunsets had been. During certainly one of them we’ve discovered ourselves along side Kavita and Rajan in a tiny roadside fishing village. We had A amazing-amazing amount of time in Jamaica handful of weeks hence with your buddies Kavita andRajan, their friends and families celebrating their wedding! We invested therefore much time together that after coming back all of us joked about going right through “withdrawals,” which had been just eased up by seeing one another during the wedding the week-end after. You will find therefore many pictures we desire to share! Today, we desired to start off with certainly one of our favorites from the adventure that is little of us to…ok on by using our awesome motorist your day after wedding festivities wrapped up. We enjoyed our trip through picturesque countryside, whenever Kavita saw some goats grazing over the part associated with road. She proclaimed that people needed to simply take some pictures with “her” goats! As it happens her childhood nickname from her household had been Bakarī, which means a “goat.” Well, then we MUST take photos with the goats if you put it that way! ? ? Read more