IELTS composing Task 2: How Exactly To Write an introduction that is effective

Good and Bad Examples

Question: there clearly was a large amount of proof that increasing automobile usage is causing worldwide warming and having other undesirable results on individuals health insurance and wellbeing.

From what level would you concur or disagree using this declaration?

Good Introduction

Increasing worldwide conditions and human being health insurance and physical physical fitness problems in many cases are regarded as being due to the expanding usage of cars. This essay agrees that increasing usage of cars is adding to increasing worldwide conditions and particular health conditions. Firstly, this essay will talk about the manufacturing of carbon dioxide by vehicles and next, it’ll talk about other toxic chemical compounds released by interior combustion machines.

Bad Introduction

Nowadays, automobiles are a tremendously popular method of getting around. Time by day a lot more people drive cars around but other people believe that they cause global warming. International warming is amongst the many issues that are serious modern life. Additionally they affect individuals health insurance and wellbeing that is additionally an issue that is serious.

As you can plainly see the bad instance speaks in regards to the subject extremely generally speaking, copies phrases and words through the concern and does not consist of a thesis statement or outline declaration.

If the introductions look something such as this, do not worry. Nearly all of my students write introductions as being similar to this once they first come from my course additionally the framework below constantly assists them fix any issues and write really introductions that are effective. Read more