Following the Honeymoon: 10 Things All Newlyweds Experience

What to expect your week that is first of and past.

Picture by Lauren and Abby Ross

Wondering what to anticipate after the vacation? After months and months (years?) of wedding preparation and meticulously checking bins, and dealing towards one major moment—it that is culminating over. In a single blindingly breathtaking whirl of love and feeling and flowery plans the top time has arrived and gone. You have recited your vows, partied the evening away with family members, and melted away the stress from it all in your vacation along with your newly-minted partner. Just what exactly happens now? how will you fall from most of that and transition back to normal life, as a newlywed no less? While you settle into the brand new wedded life, several things are bound to shock you.

From next-level intimacy that is sexual unforeseen wedding preparation withdrawal, here you will find the highs and lows you could expect in the 1st months of wedding and past. Read more