Scientology: ‘You don’t drop out using them gently’

John Sweeney, the journalist that has been investigating the church of Scientology for pretty much ten years, addresses a seminar in Dublin in a few days

John Sweeney understands he might continually be recalled for a moment that is single. While shooting a study regarding the Church of Scientology for the BBC current-affairs programme Panorama, in 2007, the journalist felt he had been being obstructed, harassed and spied on.

This provoked a sense he defines as “unendurable pressure” until, during a exchange that is terse a Scientology spokesman, Sweeney cracked and destroyed their mood. The footage through the documentary, Scientology and me personally, went viral around the globe.

“For an occasion we felt hunted,” he claims, describing the way the feeling of intrusion lingered after the show’s manufacturing. “People resulted in at our wedding. They called to my mother-in-law’s house, in Devon, asking concerns. Individuals stumbled on our home, making fake deliveries to our neighbors. It had been uncomfortable, scary and dark. No concern. You don’t come out because of the Church of Scientology and lightly do it.”

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