The man that is perfect Wasn’t. For a long time he utilized identities that are fake charm females away from thousands of bucks

The implication is the fact that these ladies should’ve known better, or maybe that they’re complicit in their own personal victimization. If a lady states her ex for stealing from her, who’s to say she’s not only vindictive and brokenhearted? Derek himself had been very happy to exploit such stereotypes; whenever their victims uncovered their real identity, he’d sometimes threaten to reveal them as bad mothers or alcoholics, crazy women that couldn’t be trusted.

Also Derek’s victims, whom get to know than other people exactly just exactly just exactly how these exact things work, over and over over over and over repeatedly questioned one another’s alternatives whenever talking she let it go on that long, why did she let him move in when she barely knew him, how did she not see through this or that obvious lie with me: How did? Read more