Family Reunion. A household reunion could be a great option to forget about previous wounds, and boost in love of each and every other and life it self.

I am hoping you may be all residing well, loving lots and growing every day.

I am hoping you enjoyed my “Take back once again your quality of life 2017” webinar presentation, and feel influenced to function as the modification.

I’m excited to understand that more of us will undoubtedly be making use of the resources We shared, and sharing every one of them with all the individuals we are able to.

During my web log today, i shall share:

1. Family Reunion

2. C.H.E.K Advanced Training Course Completions

3. Show-N-Tell with Paul

Family Reunion

It’s been a very number of years since my loved ones happens to be together in identical destination in the exact same time.

It is often about fifteen years since I last associated with my cousin, Kym, in person and I also hadn’t met her spouse.

I’d maybe not seen my buddy, Dusty, in some right time either, and don’t get to see my sibling, Barbara, or my son, Paul Jr., normally as I’d like.

When I share in my own vlog today, we felt it was time and energy to bring all of us together “in love” to celebrate life and each other, and connect and share each other’s company, meals, music, play and tales.

Angie had been experiencing that it was crucial at exactly the same time I am grateful for her extensive planning and organizing work to make it all happen as I was, and.

Like numerous families, we now have all had some tough times in youth among one another, as well as in our very own everyday lives.

We’d grown to the means of “dealing with life” independently, as our youth had been really one in which we had been given adult obligations, rather than actually discovered to “play together.”

My core household (that is nevertheless alive) is my mom, Meera, Kym, Dusty (my half-brother), and my step-sister, Barbara.

My step-father, Carl, is not when you look at the picture, but is nevertheless working joyfully on our house farm on Vancouver Island (Courtenay), B.C., Canada. Read more