U.S. Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve. Direct Commission Intelligence Officer (DCIO)

  • Financial: Must meet all financial obligations, rather than have financial obligation to income ratio more than 80% (ratio of financial obligation to projected income at applicant’s accession level that is highest i.e. O-1 or O-2, as relevant).
  • Might not have filed for bankruptcy within the last a decade
  • Student education loans: candidates shall additionally reveal with their recruiter any education loan re re payments which can be in deferment, together with expected date and quantity of payment of these loans.
  • Interview: DCIO candidates must have the suggestion of a Coast Guard interview board administered by 3 Coast Guard Officers.
  • Military Service:
  • None needed
  • Other service that is military:
  • Max Active Duty Service: have actually lower than ten years of non-Coast Guard active-duty service that is military of commissioning date, that is comparable to the date that the applicant, if selected, will require their oath of workplace.
  • Coast Guard Active Duty Enlisted users, to meet the requirements:
  • Needs to be a presently serving as an Intelligence Specialist (IS) in pay grade E-5 or because of the panel times.
  • OR
  • Should be presently serving being a Coast Guard Investigative provider Agent (any price)
  • CG Reserve Enlisted Members whom meet with the eligibility that is above for CG Enlisted users will also be entitled to apply.
  • Coast Guard Officers:
  • ADPL Officers: Applicants presently keeping a payment when you look at the Coast Guard or Coast Guard Reserve who’re regarding the Active Duty Promotion List (ADPL) are not entitled to apply. Read more
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