From Here – Back New York. My morning meal on my terrace- coffee, cheese, baguette, french mag with dictionary

Social media in France

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My morning meal on my terrace- coffee, cheese, baguette, french magazine with dictionary 😉 that is my entire life in France, and yesit’s good… I know.

I recently found this posting off . It’s about social media and maybe, the method it involves us even deeper into our friends’ everyday everyday lives. Also than we would had we just to rely on conversations over coffee or quick snippets over emails if we live close to them, we know far more.

We don’t choose to think too profoundly about technology, but since I’ve been far from life in NYC and my friends and household in the usa when it comes to previous 4 months, it is strange if you ask me that We don’t far feel so away as I’d thought. I know all of the barbecues my buddies head to, where my roommate’s band is playing, who’s going on holiday, who’s sick of these work, who’s spending almost all their time on the net in the office again…. And let’s face it. SOmetimes it is TOO much…Sometimes the truth is things you don’t would you like to see. But there are many good things than bad i believe. You will find individuals I’ve met inside my Odyssea Language college here in Montpellier (and people that are many basic) that i might see perhaps just once more within my whole life. Read more